New Patient are Trying to find you. CAMPAIGN RIGHT

v Campangn Economic growth is so crucial that it’s on every business objective. An imperative factor to that growth is the reach one has, through campaigns or by word of mouth. You may have existing patients that are dormant and you would like to contact them. Or you may be looking to expand your base by reaching new patients. Well, there are marketing agencies that help you device campaigns, but primarily through one or two channels. Our robust campaigning system touches all required channels providing you with the best possible reach and with new patients on a regular basis. Customised to the needs of each practice, our expert campaign managers device small business campaigns via phone, mail and other online media.

    New Patient Acquisition

    • Seasonal campaigns
    • FFS patient campaigns
    • New resident mailers
    • Telephonic marketing
    • YouTube marketing
    • Group on
    • Amazon local
    • Print media
    • Campaign analytics

    Patient Engagement

    • Seasonal campaigns
    • Special procedure campaigns
    • Patient engagement
    • Loyalty program
    • Healthcare tips
    • Fax and text message campaigns
    • Video marketing

    Social Media

    • Facebook campaigns
    • Offers and gifts campaigns
    • Increase online reviews
    • Google plus reviews
    • Increase twitter followers
    • Campaign analytics

    Email Campaigns

    • Periodic email campaigns
    • Newsletters
    • Predefined templates
    • Offers and discounts
    • Email tool management
    • Measurable results
    • Acquire and engage

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