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Deliver operational excellence

Improving your productivity and operational performance helps you to stay competitive, significantly increase your profit margins, and improve work life balance.

Online Forms

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Insurance Coordination

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Vendor Management

Managing supply chain
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Staff Sourcing

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24*7 Tech Support

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Paperless Practice

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Online Forms

Practices don't realize that the time spent looking and managing documents costs them dearly and is detrimental to their time spent in the growth of the practice. Our easy to implement integrated solution gives you an easy and secure storage, audit trail, simplicity, time savings, email efficiency, better patient experience and more.

Insurance Coordination

Insurance coordination, pre-determination and authorizations consume 35% of your staff time. Our highly efficient processes and specialized team ensures that these tasks are taken care in a fraction of the time spent by practices doing it themselves. The data is made available much in advance for the patient and the doctor to make informed decisions regarding treatment plans.

Vendor Management

Vendor management influences the success of a practice to a great extent and has inherently been one of the top focus areas for practices. Our efficient vendor management solutions helps bring all your vendors on one platform thereby providing you the power to objectively evaluate, assess and select new vendors, formalize relationships, manage contracts, assess and manage risks, and ensure excellent delivery of services by your vendor

Staff Sourcing

The practice is only as good as its people. Choosing the right talent is among the top challenges of modern day practices. Our robust evaluation system and hiring procedures help find the right people who will be able to align and carry your practices’ objectives from day one.

Paperless Practice

Management of the huge amount of paper produced by practices every year is not only time consuming and difficult but also uses up a lot of space and cost. Our solutions give you the power to eliminate usage of paper by digitizing all forms of documents, store them securely and enable smart searching capabilities and extremely fast access to data. Our procedures help make this transition to paperless practice seem effortless.

24*7 Tech Support

With technology and computer infrastructure becoming one of the pillars for a successful practice, there is a great need to keep your computers and software at ready state always. Our 24/7 technical support team will ensure excellent maintenance of your IT assets through our robust service offerings viz. Remote Support, Phone Support etc.

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