Networking capabilities and technology presence can make any practice look and feel like a billion dollar organization. We give you your very own platform on the Internet-Of-Things space, keeping you abreast with the latest trends in technology. Interact with your patients at your own virtual downtown. We offer you the benefits of both web portal and mobile applications to enhance doctor-patient engagement. Our Doctor and Patient Applications offer numerous advantages to you and your patients. Not just appointment scheduling and messaging. Instant messaging, online reviews, quick referrals, photo sharing and more come along with our application. With Myprac, you can have access to patients’ info on the go. In addition, a mobile dashboard will display the most productive and least productive day of the week. This enables the practice to create quick schedule fillers.

Doctor applications


  • Appointment management
  • Easy schedule adjustments
  • Schedule filler for cancellations
  • Manage staff members
  • Manage online reviews
  • Surveys to improve your practice
  • Patient engagement with doctor
  • Patient referrals
  • Personalized portal

    Mobile App

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment rescheduling
  • Auto reminders for appointments broken
  • Schedule fillers
  • Survey/Feedback
  • Referral to contacts
  • Social interaction
  • Birthday/Anniversary greetings
  • Dormant patient reactivation

Patient applications


  • Patient Dashboard
  • Setup and Manage appointments
  • Access Doctors schedule
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Get Appointment alerts
  • Instant Practice reviews
  • Refer friends and Family
  • Social Interaction

    Mobile App

  • Refer in 3 clicks
  • Easy Appointment Setup
  • Sync with calendar
  • Easy access to practice
  • Real time communication
  • Access family file
  • Instant Doctor Reviews

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