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Our proactive acquisition strategy with its foundation on relationship building ensures that your practice is always ahead of the challenges of the ever changing healthcare industry.


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virtual InPractice

virtual InPractice is your new front desk. Now, meet your old patients, and acquire new patients after your working hours too. But when you are unavailable at your practice, how will you greet and meet patients, make appointments or engage with them? And being unavailable could also mean that you lose a patient. With us as your contact, you will be available 24x7. On your behalf, we will greet patients and make appointments with professionalism while engaging with them. We even take care of appointment reminders, filling of patient forms, insurance coordination and the all important patient recall management. Not just that. As your extended arm, we will help you acquire new patients too.


Economic growth is so crucial that it’s on every business objective. An imperative factor to that growth is the reach one has, through campaigns or by word of mouth. You may have existing patients that are dormant and you would like to contact them. Or you may be looking to expand your base by reaching new patients. Well, there are marketing agencies that help you device campaigns, but primarily through one or two channels. Our robust campaigning system touches all required channels providing you with the best possible reach and with new patients on a regular basis. Customised to the needs of each practice, our expert campaign managers device small business campaigns via phone, mail and other online media.

iot Practice

Networking capabilities and technology presence can make any practice look and feel like a billion dollar organization. We give you your very own platform on the Internet-Of-Things space, keeping you abreast with the latest trends in technology. Interact with your patients at your own virtual downtown. We offer you the benefits of both web portal and mobile applications to enhance doctor-patient engagement. Our Doctor and Patient Applications offer numerous advantages to you and your patients. Not just appointment scheduling and messaging. Instant messaging, online reviews, quick referrals, photo sharing and more come along with our application. With Myprac, you can have access to patients’ info on the go. In addition, a mobile dashboard will display the most productive and least productive day of the week. This enables the practice to create quick schedule fillers.

Mobile Application

Patient portals and mobile applications always have a high demand in the market. World over, patient apps are being developed. However, these are stand alone with limited features. MyPrac and MyDoc are two exclusive applications developed by Aclientz. They enable web service integration with your Practice Management Software and website, giving you real time data. Doctor-Patient interaction is taken to the next level through instant messaging, quick referrals and schedule fillers. Existing patients referring their friends and family is the easiest way of acquiring new patients. However most of the practices lack the tools that enable easy referral for their patients. MyDoc developed in IOS and android platform enables your patients to refer your practice to their friends in just three clicks.

Online Advertisements

Google Ad words : Websites provide you online traffic, however, if done right, Google adwords can double the number of new patient visits in a matter of few months. Google ad word managers at Aclientz ensure that your practice gets the required number of new patients through online channels.

Groupon/Amazon Local : These channels are best suited for procedure related marketing. Marketing companies have started understanding the importance of including Groupons and Amazon Local in their marketing pipeline. Aclientz designs and posts procedure related creative ads for your practice to acquire more FFS patients.

Practice websites

Clear call for action : A clear call for action button on your website will help improve user experience and greatly help in acquiring new patients for you. Keeping this in mind, we design websites with optimum number of call for action buttons.

Website optimization : Optimizing the website of your healthcare practice would help in acquiring more patients. Optimum doctor-patient interaction level can be achieved with a well structured, user friendly and platform friendly website. Our web development team specializes in building websites which can be integrated with your practice management tools enabling access to real time information on the go and enabling patient friendly features like click to call, appointment scheduling, social media plug-ins and your practice’s blogs, to name a few.

Search engine optimization : There is a lot of difference in just “having a website” and having a website which is search engine optimized. Around 80% of patients search for a solution to their problems online before actually setting up an appointment with a healthcare service provider. Optimization for a healthcare practice website differs from most other businesses as the targeted audience is local. Hence the required optimization techniques need to be carefully applied while building a website for healthcare practice.

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